Let Them Be Little Foundation is a not for profit organization managed by dedicated volunteers and the parents of two little boys diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease.  Our vision is to help support and acquire what families may need in the event they are struck with a rare and catastrophic illness. 


Our goal is to help make both the patients and their families’ lives much easier by providing them with ANYTHING that can help alleviate their burdens.  Whether it is the purchasing of medical equipment, offering assistance with their medical bills, help paying their travel expenses to doctors and specialist that may not be geographically compatible, or simply funding a trip to create an everlasting memory or smile will make us feel our mission is successful.

The inspiration for the Let Them Be Little Foundation stemmed from the love of two little boys, brothers, Jason and Justin Leider, from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, upon their fatal diagnosis of the rare, genetic disease MPS II/ Hunter Syndrome.  A disease that can claim their young lives between the tender ages of ten to fifteen. 

The Leider family blindsided by this diagnosis felt terribly alone and did not know how they could ever afford to provide the proper care their children may need.   The hopes and dreams the Leider’s  had for their young sons future were instantly shattered as was the cruel reality that time was no longer on their side. Their medical expenses were piling up rapidly as was their medical travel cost and daily living expenses.      


The Leider’s realized they could no longer fight this battle alone, wanted to give rare diseases a voice and   help other families ease their medical burdens too.  With the help of family, friends and perfect strangers that learned of their story the foundation was built and Let Them Be Little was born.